Class Descriptions

Yearly Session

Our weekly classes run from September through June (30 weeks total) with a final recital. Students will spend the 1st semester primarily on technique, while moving into more choreography during the 2nd semester in preperation for the performance.

Summer Session

Our Summer Session offers weekly classes and Workshops. These classes focus on both technique and choreography. Some special theme workshops and camps are also offered. Most classes will perform what they have learned in a small 5-10 minute family and friends performance at the end of their last class.

Class Descriptions 

Preschool Ballet/Tap

Students will begin learning the basic techniques and moves for ballet and tap. Dancers will also be encouraged to use their imagination through creative movement and interactive music and games.

Elementary Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Students will continue learning basic technique and moves associated with the different dance styles. They will begin learning more difficult sequences and musicality. The dancers will still work with creative movement and games to help instill the basics in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Ballet Levels

Students enrolled in ballet at Elation will primarily be taught using the Cecchetti method. Dancers will learn proper placement and technique while also learning challenging new combinations and steps using the technique learned appropriate to each level. Each level will build upon the previous and dancers will advance according to ability and maturity.

Jazz Levels

Dancers will explore both classical and contemporary jazz technique; learning to adapt to several different styles of music and movement. Each level will build upon the previous and dancers will advance according to ability and maturity.

Tap Levels

Student enrolled in tap at Elation will explore all aspects of tap from classical to street style. They will work both with and without music to master rhythm and musicality. Each level will build upon the previous and dancers will advance according to ability and maturity.


Dancers will explore dance techniques found in modern dance and postmodern dance. This style will require the student to depart from classical dance techniques found in jazz and ballet to movement that is more natural and less structured.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop has become extremely popular in the dance world and exploded into the mainstream. Dancers will be exposed to many different styles of hip hop using fun and appropriate music. Students will develop strength and atleticism, while working on rhythm and musicality.


Dancers invited to take pre-pointe will work on their technique and strength to prepare for dancing en pointe. This class will include extensive barre and strength work and most dancers will require a year of attendance to this class before being allowed to begin pointe work. Each dancer is different and the instructor will determine when is the best and safest time at which the dancer should begin work en pointe. To view the requirements please see our Studio Policies.